Palma de Mallorca – shopaholics’ destination
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Palma de Mallorca – shopaholics’ destination

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We have to admit, we are all keen on shopping, whether we consider ourselves “shopaholics” or not! By being so, I cannot imagine what’s better than travelling all around the world and do some shopping? Trying to narrow down this attempt of mine, I reached to the conclusion that visiting Palma de Mallorca will totally qualify!

Travelling around Palma, with no certain destination other than visiting and discovering it, will certainly prove you that it’s the perfect place to let your creative inner self to act out. For example, if you choose walking around, without any specific aim, you most certainly get to observe the city and to discover its beauty, which is why you can’t skip the shop windows! And I mean it, they really are an important part of the city, as a proof that it can suit each and every kind of personality.

The diversity that I was writing you about the other days is reflected also in here: traditional shops, mass market shops, tailor-made clothes both by local and international designers and of course, luxury shops. Whatever you want or imagine, here is at your fingertips!

Talking about diversity, I can’t help myself and I have to pinpoint another great advantage of it: you don’t have to remain only on the city center! You can visit everything you wanted to at your pace, and you will come across, at every step, with it.

If you are a fan of the iberic culture, you have to know that all of the traditional products from the different parts of Mallorca are available for you. Therefore, you will find articles with roots in the island’s tradition that has crossed a very long time to reach our days! The local manufacturers have assured that this tradition mingles perfectly with the XXIst’s century trends in terms of fashion. This is why lots of mallorcan brands are recognized worldwide for their quality and design.










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