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Heaven on earth

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I don’t think that in this world exist people who don’t like to travel , to see or to learn new things because I personally can’t imagine my life without traveling . Twirling in the world , I ended up falling in love with Mallorca or , as I call it for some time – my second home . I’ve spent so many summers in Mallorca since becoming an adult , that this place it almost became a part of me .

Probably my favorite thing about the warmer months in the isle is the fact that there are flowers everywhere . It’s just so colorful , it makes me think that is making a big competition of my vision for heaven .

 Almost anywhere you walk you get the aromatic scent of flowers in the warm breeze , something that reminds me of my first trip here in the Balearic Islands , where you can smell orange blossoms and olive groves everywhere .

I love walking around the olive groves especially at the sunrise and sunset time. It just smell so good ! In a hot and fresh morning , with the world still sleeping , you feel completely at peace .

I could spend hours sitting at cafes in any place of Mallorca  in the summer season , in the warmth of the sun ,  watching people walk by and doing absolutely nothing , except drinking coffee , sangria or eating pastries .

Another thing that I love to do and I’ve been doing it so many times , is when the sun goes down to take a quiet and relaxing walk on the beach . It’s a marvellous landscape ! Nothing beats the long summer days laying on the beach somewhere on the Mediterranean sea .

Seriously guys , nothing beats it ! And if you didn’t knew it , the beaches are cheap and accessible .  The isle is exceptional , every part of it ! Believe me , I don’t know if it was invented any adjective to describes its beauty .

There’s a first time for everything and everyone and if you’re plan a vacation , I promise you , this destination it has it all . Is a really amazing experience and I can’t wait to come back this summer !





    Hello there, dear traveler! 😃 I’m Aaron, a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and World explorer. Uh, and the most important thing: I am head over heels in loved with everything that has to do with Spain's culture and civilisation in general, and with Majorca's ones in particular. I love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live amazing experiences. Thank you for following me and I hope that everything I write will help and inspire you to live remarkable moments in your majorcan trips!

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