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Gastronomy 🍣🍱 – one of Mallorca’s best kept secret 🤐

Gastronomy 🍣🍱 – one of Mallorca’s best kept secret 🤐

Continuing our gastronomical route through the island of Mallorca, today we are going to present you a fabulous local dish. It might look like pizza at a first look, but don't let yourselves deceived! 😝 Let's see Today we put aside the routes and excursions around the island to talk about gastronomy. Mallorca is an island full of options for the most gourmets, for those who truly enjoy gastronomy ...
Who says? 😝

Who says? 😝

Who says that everything that one should do while on holiday is visiting? For those of you who love learning new things, this article will be more than interesting. Would you like to learn how to cook? Yes, you read it right. If you are a gourmet, lover of good food, maybe you can spend part of your vacation learning Mallorcan dishes, delving into the cuisine of an exotic country, or know how to ...

Overview of Majorcan cuisine

If you are on holiday and you want to get to know better the country that you are visiting, it would be a good idea to try their local cuisine, as a way of getting to know the people.

Therefore, here you can find a hopefully useful mapping of our main dishes, that we have detailed especially for you.


In this case we are talking about a raw ...
100% Majorcan Experience

100% Majorcan Experience

Hello everybody! As you can see, temperatures are getting hotter each and every day, and this can only make us happy, isn’t it? Well, when it’s hot outside, I use to think immediately about cooking and other boring stuff, because I’m a stay-at-home type of guy. In order to mix passions and job together, today’s article will be about shopping. But not that type of shopping that you are ...