Flying towards your next holiday destination?
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Flying towards your next holiday destination?

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If you’re reading this article, most probably you’re looking for some information about getting to Mallorca in the easiest way possible. My gut instinct tells me that you will have to pass by other cities from Spain first, so you might find this article useful. 

Quite a simple journey

Traveling to Mallorca from anywhere on the Peninsula is really cheap and simple, because the island is very well connected with the rest of Spain. From almost all major Spanish airports, airlines have daily and frequent connections to Palma de Mallorca. 

Let’s get practical 

This time we are going to exemplify what we are saying by experiencing a travel with Ryanair. Keep in mind the company’s last changes in luggage policy. You might find out that carrying a suitcase with you might not be as easy as you imagine. Therefore, we leave with a small backpack just for a couple of days in Palma. 

Why do we travel this time with Ryanair if they are having so many restrictions and absurd rules? I think that that’s what you’ve all thought while reading the lines from above. Simply put, because it’s cost effective. We bought the flight during Black Friday for € 10 each way.

A 360 airline perspective

If we had not found this fare so cheap we would have gone with any other company that make the route Madrid – Palma: Norwegian (from € 30 per way), Iberia / Iberia Express, Air Europa or Vueling (with stopover) with very fare rates cheap also in periods of offer. From Barcelona there are also flights even more frequently than from Madrid and you will also find flights from Valencia, Malaga, Bilba, Seville. The airplane connections to the island are magnificent and very cheap.


All in all, it’s obvious that you have everything that you need to make the most out of your Mallorca journey. Enjoy it to its fullest.






    Hello there, dear traveler! 😃 I’m Aaron, a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and World explorer. Uh, and the most important thing: I am head over heels in loved with everything that has to do with Spain's culture and civilisation in general, and with Majorca's ones in particular. I love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live amazing experiences. Thank you for following me and I hope that everything I write will help and inspire you to live remarkable moments in your majorcan trips!

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