Porreres, such a suitable choice for everyone
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Porreres, such a suitable choice for everyone

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Quiet, beautiful and unique, the sleepy town of Porreres is the perfect place for a different holiday in Mallorca. Porreres is a small municipal town which is centrally located in Mallorca’s southern interior, approximately 35km (22 miles) east of the capital Palma and the Son Sant Joan International Airport. A closer look at the population statistics would suggest that the town is quite popular with foreign residents on the island. At 831 in total, as of 2007, this represents just over 17% of the overall town’s total population. With its convenient central location on the island, Porreres is roughly equidistant from the neighbouring towns of Llucmajor, Felanitx, Manacor and Algaida.

If your next wish is to visit Mallorca and you like to travel around many of the typical small towns the stone buildings, hidden squares and winding streets in every of it holds a rustic charm but what is even more amazing is the close bond of the community that makes this place so special. The town is also famous for the number of public wells, a further illustration of the towns links with agriculture because they were used many years ago to water livestock as well as the population. Traditional markets, local architecture and relaxed bars are the features of this town. The surrounding areas add to the tranquillity of the area, with monasteries, churches and expansive farmland all shaping the unique culture that this part of Mallorca gives. The principle attractions that Porreres has to offer to the tourist are located just outside of the town and will therefore require the use of a car. Perhaps the greatest of these is the Santuari de Montí-Sión – a simple chapel with wonderful views across the lowland plains and nearby coastlines. Porreres is a good central location and is not very far away from the center of Palma. Enjoy the tranquility of this little town, far away from the hordes of tourists.

L’église Notre-Dame de la Consolation à Porreres à Majorque

This is also a good place to spend relaxed evenings rubbing shoulders with locals and ex-pats and discovering authentic rural Mallorca. Many traditional Mallorcan fiestas are celebrated here year after year in every summer season. This month on 23/24 if you are in the area, you can participate on the famous San Juan fiesta (the Apricot Fair in June) which celebrates local production. There are also the San Roque (Porreres patron saint) festival in August and the Autumn Harvest festival at the end of October. Here you will have the choice of many excellent country hotels and restaurants serving world-class food and wine. Porreres is a great place to take your time and sample local dishes made with fresh produce. Therefore, the town itself is a work of art and holds a certain degree of appeal to those interested in art. The town hall, which is located at the end of the main street, is also a small modern art gallery containing the works of Salvador Dali.  However, for those who wish to experience the more cultural side of the island, whilst actively seeking the peace and quiet of a typical inland town, then Porreres certainly fits perfectly.




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