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But because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rnrationally encounter consequences

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Architecture at its finest πŸ₯‡

As we have said before, Mallorca has it all. The great Spanish architect GaudΓ­ is included here. Antoni GaudΓ­ It is known that Antoni Gaudi, the creator of Sagrada Familia, designed only a few buildings outside Barcelona. We have all heard about El Capricho de GaudΓ­ or about many other famous

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A little bit of magic ❣️

Today we are going to present you a magic corner of Mallorca. A special place to enjoy with friends or family. Undoubtedly, one of the plans that I recall best will still be remembered by the smallest after their holidays in Mallorca. Everything in Mallorca is magical, but... Concretely, we

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Always more to discover πŸ’ͺ🏻

Some people like to go an extra mile. We, at MyMallorca Trips, like to travel an extra mile and to discover more. 🀩 What is it now? Mallorca is a fabulous destination for a summer vacation, but it is an island that has also much to offer both in autumn and winter. In fact, many people prefer to

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It’s difficult to pick (only) one! 🏝

We've been trying to tell you this from the very beginning, but we were too shy to admit it. 😳 Then, we tried to prove it with each and every article of ours, rather than say it out loud. ☺️ But time has come to admit the obvious things: Mallorca has it all! 😍 if you think that we might have been a

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Sierra de Tramuntana – everlasting passion 😍

We continue the route of excursions through Mallorca, following the lead of the Sierra de Tramuntana. What's today article about?Β  Today we recommend an amazing place for a beautiful excursion. Your trip to Mallorca deserves to know places like this that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with

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Off we go! πŸ”

We will leave te gastronomic world for a while and we will come back to our favourite route: pursuing the Serra de Tramuntana! As you know, it's our firm belief that it is totally worth the pain to dedicate a part of your trip to Mallorca. As we've been trying to prove to you hey are charming

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Gastronomy 🍣🍱 – one of Mallorca’s best kept secret 🀐

Continuing our gastronomical route through the island of Mallorca, today we are going to present you a fabulous local dish. It might look like pizza at a first look, but don't let yourselves deceived! 😝 Let's see Today we put aside the routes and excursions around the island to talk about

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Recipes πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ³

As we've seen a special interest regarding food in Mallorca, we've decided to dedicate today's entry to this particular topic. Therefore,Β we present you one of the most delicious dishes of Mallorcan cuisine. ArrΓ²s brut is the dish you'll want to choose from in some of the best traditional

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New Romantics πŸ’ž

In today's article we want to be myth-busters. Even though February is known as the month of lovers, thanks to its Valentine's Day, we believe that every month has to be a good reason to celebrate love and to go to a romantic trip to Mallorca. Regardless of the month, today we are going to offer

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Who says? 😝

Who says that everything that one should do while on holiday is visiting? For those of you who love learning new things, this article will be more than interesting. Would you like to learn how to cook? Yes, you read it right. If you are a gourmet, lover of good food, maybe you can spend part


We have great restaurants! And this is why you will love us. Let's take a look on these.

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