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Glamorous , alluring , sophisticated , charmed and lucky…it’s hard to choose the right adjective to describe how I feel when I’m in Mallorca . World-renowned for its brightly-coloured villages , bustling towns and beaches— when you make your way to this slice of Spanish paradise , you’ll find it delicate , elegant , yet secluded and private all at once . One of the best ways to appreciate the Mallorca isle is by going there , over and over again to experience the beauty of the known and the unknown places  . I wrote in almost all my articles how much I love this place , but the truth is that on this piece of land , I discovered more then a word can say and more than that , I found myself .

Today it will be about such a wonderful place ! Once upon a time , among my first trips in Mallorca , I went on one of the most special beaches on the island , a rarity , a gift for people fond of nature – Es Coll Baix . Not easy to reach , but it worths the effort !  You’ll have to walk for some kilometres along a path surrounded by pine trees , which becomes a little more difficult on its way but when you will come closer to the end , you will get a better view of what expects you down there ; an unspoiled beach surrounded by high mountain slopes . It’s 250-m long and 75-m wide with a mixture of sand and shingle .

It’s a fantastic landscape on Platja des Coll Baix – and what a bay ! Above , atop of the wooded cliffs , you’ll see this charming place and his translucent water that for me is peace of mind . Coming in the early morning or evening to see its beauty , it is peaceful for your soul , believe me !  Situated in the municipality of Alcúdia , in the northeast of Mallorca , this magical place , it is a spectacular beach , surrounded by some breathtaking steep rocky cliffs and closed by a quite high headland that begins on this sandy area . Alcúdia is one of Mallorca’s most privileged areas in terms of natural enviroment but I will tell you more about it , in my next articles . Till then , find your soul place and don’t let it go !






    Hello there, dear traveler! 😃 I’m Aaron, a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and World explorer. Uh, and the most important thing: I am head over heels in loved with everything that has to do with Spain's culture and civilisation in general, and with Majorca's ones in particular. I love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live amazing experiences. Thank you for following me and I hope that everything I write will help and inspire you to live remarkable moments in your majorcan trips!

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