Serra de Tramuntana: new destination unlocked 🤩
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Serra de Tramuntana: new destination unlocked 🤩

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Because we’ve seen how much you like our route through the Serra de Tramuntana, today our new blog’s entry will be dedicated to it. Therefore, today we arrive to Valldemossa, an essential town in the visit to one of the most attractive areas of Mallorca.

This little village is about 20 minutes by car from our hotel, the Palladium Palma. And it is in the middle of the mountains, literally inserted between them. The origin of its name comes from a Moor landowner, Muza.

Not just good looking, but also with it own charm

Valldemossa is characterized by its pedestrian streets, cobbled in the most rustic and classic way. It is located in the highest part of Mallorca and is probably the best known all over the island because the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and his lover, the French writer George Sand, spent an intense winter there, between 1838 and 1839. They stayed in the monastery, and that makes Valldemossa the most visited town in Mallorca.

Despite this, Chopin and Sand did not have a very pleasant stay, something that is explained in the book she wrote. ‘A winter in Mallorca’ was a best seller and more than a century and a half later the book is still on sale. In Valledemossa you can find it in many languages, and it is available in practically all the stores in the town.

An important cultural role

Valldemossa is also the town that houses the contemporary cultural center Costa Nord, and was founded by the North American actor Michael Douglas, whose farm S’Estaca is located on the road that connects Valldemossa with Sóller, near Deià. If you want to do tourism in Mallorca, do not forget to inform yourself about what event will take place there during your stay.

However, for Mallorcan people, Valldemossa is a truly special place: It is the birthplace of the only saint on the island: Saint Catalina Thomas. The visit to this place is one of our recommendations in order for you to spend some quiet and inspiring hours. Moving away from the center we reach the church of San Bartomeu. Behind it, it´s possible to visit its small house and sanctuary.

When traveling to Mallorca, there are certainly many options that you have at your fingertips. You can choose a type of trip centered on the coastal area, focus on places that are world heritage sites, get to know the old town of Palma, such as the promenade and the Paseo del Borne … or even explore the north of Majorca or the Sierra de Tramontana. Something that we are precisely reviewing in the most recent articles of the blog.

It isn’t over yet

During your stay in Palma de Mallorca, when you decide to embark on the adventure of visiting this colossal island, whether in high or low season, you cannot miss this beautiful town. In it, another key point to know is the Royal Charterhouse of Vallmodessa, which has a beautiful church and an old pharmacy.

There is also the palace of King Sancho, which was later given to the Carthusian monks, who made it part of the monastery. This will be, for sure, one of the most visited buildings after La Seu Cathedral.

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