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Overview of Majorcan cuisine

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If you are on holiday and you want to get to know better the country that you are visiting, it would be a good idea to try their local cuisine, as a way of getting to know the people.


Therefore, here you can find a hopefully useful mapping of our main dishes, that we have detailed especially for you.




In this case we are talking about a raw meat product made from selected cuts of minced pork. It is more like a sausage, in its appearance, but seasoned with spices, salt, paprika, etc. The flavour is pleasant and subtle and you might feel an after-taste of spices.

Vino de la tierra Mallorca


Regional wines are made on the island of Majorca by mixing together chardonnay, macabeo, malvasía, muscat of de Alexandria, petit grain muscat, parellada, riesling, sauvignon blanc, viognier and giró ros white grape varieties, and from the callet, manto negro, cabernet sauvignon, fogoneu, merlot, monastrell, syrah, tempranillo, pinot noir and gorgollassa red grape varieties. As you can see, we are talking about a great variety of ingredients that contribute to the tastiness of the final product.

Majorcan Almonds


Known also as Almendra Mallorquina, Ametlla Mallorquina, Ametlla de Mallorcaand Almendra de Mallorca, the fruit of the almond tree represents an emblematic tradition of our island and is always served raw. In some cases you may find it also toasted, but they are an exception. With or without skin, it always has an original, highly-recognizable taste.



Another emblematic dish of ours is ensaimada. With a distinctive spiral shape that makes it stand out from any other pastry, you can find it under different dimensions, and can be either plain or filled with jam (usually pumpkin).

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