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We will leave te gastronomic world for a while and we will come back to our favourite route: pursuing the Serra de Tramuntana!

As you know, it’s our firm belief that it is totally worth the pain to dedicate a part of your trip to Mallorca. As we’ve been trying to prove to you hey are charming corners, surrounded by fascinating beauty, and a place where you can enjoy the Mallorcan nature in its pure state.

Today’s article will focus on Esporles, a locality whose history goes back to the Islamic period. At that time the water, through its numerous springs and torrents, was a main characteristic for Esporles. That caused numerous agrarian exploitations to take place, and, later, already in the XIXthcentury, a prosperous textile industry. The reason? That to develop according to a specific stage in the making of clothes it is necessary to install the production next to a river, to take advantage of the force of the water in the washing of the garments.

Why are we so fascinated about Serra de Tramuntana? 🗻

Esporles is located on the southern slope of the Sierra de Tramuntana, between the towns of Valldemossa, Palma, Puigpunyent and Banyalbufar. Around the old town of Esporles there is the area of ​​s’Esglaieta and the urbanizations of Verger and ses Rogetes. In its interior there are the neighborhoods of Son Tries, Balladors, sa Vila Vella, sa Vileta and sa Vila Nova. The latter is the neighborhood that most distinguishes between all.

Esporles is mainly forest and in its area an alzinar is included, of wide extension. The crop that is located in this population today does not cover more than 30 percent of the total, it is practiced in the terraces and in the flat lands. In the possession of Canet emphasizes the cultivation of the orange tree.

More about Esporles 🏠

Water is an important element in Esporles. And it has 19 fountains throughout the municipality, highlighting that of na Bastera and Font Major. The latter, before being channeled (at the beginning of the 20thcentury), came to move a dozen mills. The driving force of this water gave rise to a prosperous textile industry and also a paper mill.

Besides the Farm, the most outstanding possessions of the municipality of Esporles are Canet, it is Verger, Son Quint, Son Cabaspre, Son Simonet, Son Dameto, ses Rotes, ses Planes, Son Tugores, Son Antic, Son Verdera, Son Mas, Son Malferit, Son Tries or Can Manent.

Those old factories that gave the people modernity and prosperity, are well remembered. We speak of Can Campos, Can’Esteva, Son Tries, Can Ribes … Some buildings are testimony of its industrial past and, in fact, there is a sculpture by Remigia Caubet that pays tribute to the spinner, a figure that favored the wealth of the people.

Walking around 

In Esporles you have beauty to admire both in summer and in winter. Within your chosen tourist destination, and easily accessing from your hotel in Mallorca, you will discover a town where you can spend good times and also enjoy a copious traditional Mallorcan meal.

Esporles was constituted by the invading Moors and later developed during the Christian reconquest of the 12th century. This town usually relates to the neighboring areas of Valldemossa and Banyalbufar. This place is known for its agriculture and extensive oak forests.

Nowadays, it attracts a large number of international residents, mainly due to its proximity to the main roads, its workplaces and the main services.

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