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Christmas shopping guide

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So Christmas is just around the corner and you are still searching for inspiration when it comes to gifts for your family and friends? 🙂 Well look no further because here you will find lots of great ideas for what to buy and where you can find all you need to celebrate a wonderful holiday season in Mallorca. 😀 Shopping in the Mediterranean region is spectacular thanks to the cosmopolitan capital of the island – Palma, considered by many to be a shopper’s paradise, especially during this time of the year. The capital has lots of interesting narrow streets from where you can browse the locals shops and places where you will also find some incredible products handcrafted on the island. 🙂 Therefore, if you are coming or you are already on the island and you are looking for a place to shop, there’s no better places (streets) than Jaime III, Calle Quint and Calle San Miguel being three of the jewels of the Mediterranean. And because we are in a hurry let’s start with the first street: Jaime III that means only one thing: shopping! 😉 In fact, it was the most important street of the capital until Borne became the new designer street in Palma for the big brands.

However, here you can still find shops like Custo Barcelona, Loewe, Cartier, among others. Another store that you should’t miss is Petit Bateau, a place where you will find lots of women’s and children’s clothing. Also look out for El Corte Inglés, although smaller than the one in Avenidas, here you will easily find a wide variety of products. 😀 The Calle Quint street is known by the locals as the street with the stupid stairs …

When you finally get there you will understand why ;)), as you won’t know how to take the steps, if one, two or three at a time. But what remains important are the stores that you will find here are: Pasatiempos, La Pajarita and La Industrial Toy Shop. For sure you’ll find something useful. 🙂

Getting to the third location, in the narrow and long street San Miguel, you will find local traditional shops. 🙂 But if your plans are to live a truly shopping experience in Mallorca here you have a suggestion – you need to pass through this street until you reach Plaza de Cort. There you will find exclusive boutiques and a variety of well-known brand stores. 😀 You welcome! :)) And PS: Enjoy your shopping! 😀





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