The most amazing vacation destination
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The most amazing vacation destination

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It’s been some years now since I discovered what an amazing place Mallorca can be . You know when you go in a new destination and it feels like love at first sight ?

Well , I can say it now with all my heart that I have learned to love this island for every magical hidden corner or small street for the rest of my life . Being the largest island in all of Spain , you have plenty of choices to enjoy all the wonders this place offers .

From its beautiful beaches and the crystal clear water to breathless landscapes and welcoming restaurants . Talking about hotels , is one for every taste and pocket but this subject I will develope in another article for sure as I will do also with every place that charmed me irremediably .

I simply can’t wait to take you in such adventure giving you an escape from that crazy race – called life . Put on your seatbelt folks ! Get ready to fall in love too !




    Hello there, dear traveler! 😃 I’m Aaron, a travel expert, photography enthusiast, blogger and World explorer. Uh, and the most important thing: I am head over heels in loved with everything that has to do with Spain's culture and civilisation in general, and with Majorca's ones in particular. I love to make other people inspired and motivated to travel, discover new things and live amazing experiences. Thank you for following me and I hope that everything I write will help and inspire you to live remarkable moments in your majorcan trips!

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